Professional Skills

Our engineer and sales manager have been in led field for more than 6 years, so we have rich experience in not only technology but also marketing.

Fast Delivery

We have stocked raw material for normal product, so the delivery time for the goods can be very fast. The sample delivery only takes 3 days. The formal delivery only takes 5-7 days.

Superior Warranty

We can offer 3-5 years warranty for our products. If there is something wrong with our products, we can send you the replacement directly. There is no need for you to send them back.

7*24 hours Service

We have imported our email system to the mobile phone, which can guarantee to reply your email at the first time. If any urgent things, we can also be connected with our 7*24 hours mobile.

Free Support

We can supply free technical support and even design support based on your projects, OEM or ODM service, which can save you a lot of trouble for your sales.

Knowledge Training

Our company blog will be updated every week to help you know clearly for led market. Both of us should keep learning all the time to make sure not be lost in current disordered led market.
About DEL
The Story of DEL's Development
DEL is located in Shenzhen, which is the production base of LED in China.

At the beginning, DEL is just like other led companies to make a lot of types of led light products to make her "look" professional. But after so many years' practice we find "Profession is not based on more types but more attention". so from this year on, we just focus our energy on led panel light. We just hope us to be more exquisite than others.

DEL wants to an "LED Lighting Artist".

DEL other services

Project Design Available

When you have a new building for led lighting, then you need to calculate how many led lamps you will need for every space. We can help you.

We can import our "IES File" to Dialux sofeware, then the final quantity can be calculated.

Package Design Available

If you refer to retails market, such as supermarket or store. The package needs to be colorful for the sales.

For us, we can design the package based on your information or you can offer us your design to us. We can be in charge of the printing for you then send the all finished product after our production.

Your Design Available

For some products, if you have your own design or you have better solution for led driver or led, you can also let me know. We can make the products according to your requirement.

But please do not worry. You will also be the solo rights reserved for your design. We can not take it.

There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning.

Learn LED Knowledge
Why Choose Us ?
DEL Awesome Advantage
DEL is a little different from other Chinese manufacturer. In the world view, China is only considered as "world factory". But DEL is not just a factory. We have a profession team from designing to branding. The leaders of our seperate department have more than 6 years experience in led field. so we can support you not only from production but also marketing. Not matter you are a new comer of led business or a mature buyer of led, we can both have our own experience to support you

Currently led market is a little disordered, so it is easy to be lost in so fiere competition. DEL had also been lost before, but now we are growing rapidly, so we have rich experience to help you out. Please trust us. We will offer you a bright future.

  • 8 Years Product R&D Experience
  • 6 Years Marketing Experience
  • 10 Years Production Experience
  • Professional Focus on products
  • Strictly Quality Control System
  • Flexible Pre-sale and after-sale service
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